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ABA Therapy - Applied Behavior Analysis 

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Our mission at Inclusion ABA is to provide comprehensive therapy to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Our focus is not only on the clients we work with but on everyone who plays a part in their lives. We strive to create effective therapy practices that promote skill building with an emphasis on inclusion in all environments.


In Clinic

Inclusion ABA provides direct 1-on-1 therapy with a trained behavior technician under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Treatment plans are developed based on the individual needs of each client focusing on social skills, communication skills, adaptive/life skills, and problem behavior reduction. Children qualify for anywhere from 10-40 hours a week of ABA therapy based on their needs. These services are provided primarily in our clinic. Services are also offered as needed in the client’s home, or during scheduled community outings.



Customized training for daycares and schools.

Inclusion ABA provides consultation and training based on the needs of the organization. The goal is to provide effective evidence-based training, individualized to the setting, that is focused on building skills based on the principles of ABA. The training can be provided in schools both public and private, in daycares, or anywhere else that requires support.


Family/Caregiver training is an integral piece of effective therapy practices. ABA therapy is not forever and training families in the principles of ABA provides the skills necessary to continue client success after services end. Each family will work directly with the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst on goals specific to their family’s needs on a weekly basis. This training can be provided in both the home and the community setting.

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