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Professional Services

Sara is the owner of Inclusion ABA and began her journey in the classroom as an elementary special education teacher. Her passion for working with individuals with special needs became the driving force for earning her Masters in Special Education with an emphasis in ABA. After completion of her Master's degree she became both a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst. 

  As a mother of six children and one of whom has special needs, Sara knows all too well the significance of advocating for your child. She understands the importance of empowering families and caregivers by teaching critical skills to promote a safe and enriched environment. Sara made it her mission to provide effective individualized training that is specific to each child and their family.

In addition to working one-on-one, Sara’s familiarity as an educator has given her the experience and knowledge to develop and implement training practices generalized to classroom settings. She understands first-hand the complex dynamics of the classroom and the overwhelming feeling of being a teacher without practical ABA skills.

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